Energy Monitoring use case

1) Problem

A rentable office space in North Philadelphia was struggling with the high cost of electricity bill and tenants' complaints about poor indoor thermal comfort. The building manager had no visibility about the use of energy and no real-time data of indoor climate parameters such as temperature and humidity.

We installed dIoT thermo™ and we started to monitoring Heating and Air Conditioning system, and indoor thermal comfort.

The analysis of data collected by the sensors helped the building manager to understand how the energy was used, identify energy waste, and improve thermal comfort by a precise temperature and humidity control.

2) Building size

HVAC Use Case.jpg
  • Rentable office space

  • 5 stories building

  • 160.000 Sq ft

  • Philadelphia, US


  1. High cost of electricity bill

  2. Tenants complain about poor comfort

  3. No visibility into energy consumed

3) Solution

The dIoT thermo™ intelligent dashboard combines the data collected from smart sensors with powerful analytics.


Cloud-Based IoT platform 

LoRaWAN network

Heating and Air Conditioning data

Indoor building information

Geographic orientation

Local weather data


4) Data analysis - Understand energy use

The analysis of the data collected by the sensors indicates that:

  1. Some HVAC* units were overworked increasing the energy consumption (Running over 85% of the time)

  2. Some HVAC units have worked out of sync for 60% of the time increasing the energy consumption and lowering occupants’ comfort

  3. Some HVAC units presented poor control increasing the energy consumption

  4. Some floors did not reach the minimal comfortable temperature

* Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

5) Deliverables

digi themro on Mac HVAC.png
  • 43% reduction of energy consumption by the identification and elimination of energy waste

  • Improved building sustainability and reduced emissions

  • Address tenants’ complain by improving comfort

  • Optimized facility operation and maintenance work

  • Increased asset value

  • 100% visibility into HVAC system performance