Named Top 10 Food Safety Tech Solutions Providers, 2019

A complete cloud-based system which provides real-time visibility and instant alerts for temperature excursions

Automated Food Safety Monitoring

Made Easy

IoT solution which can help you work smarter, not harder!


Proactive food safety solutions

Gain proactive insights to eliminate inventory loss, streamline the operation, and reduce equipment failures

Improved efficiency

Reduce risk and save costs associated with manual daily temperature logging with digital reports.

Protect your brand and customers

Ensure food quality and HACCP compliance with 24/7 remote temperature monitoring.


Make faster, more informed and data-driven decisions

dIoT thermo® is a great vehicle because it’s important for us to have, obviously, great quality of food and to have a great quality of food it starts with Food Safety.

The great thing about dIoT thermo is if there is any kind of issue with refrigerators we get an alert instantly, and right away we can make a change where either we move something from one refrigerator to another or we adjust the refrigerator and make sure that the food is maintained at an optimal level.


Riccardo Longo, co-founders of Gran Caffè L’Aquila. Philadelphia, US.

Scalability solutions

Single or multiple locations?

dIoT thermo™ is completely customizable for customer’s needs.


Gateway and Sensor


Intelligent Dashboard


Low Cost

Cost-Effective Solutions. NO tools, cabling, or IT resources needed

Deep Coverage

Deliver deep indoor coverage in hard to reach places

Low Power-Long Life Sensors

IoT sensors with low power consumption providing up to 5-year battery life

Quick & Easy Setup

Easily install sensors and gateway. Up end running in minutes

Actionable Alerts

Receive timely alerts via email and SMS text

Remote Monitoring

Web app to access your data and dashboard from anywhere


Cutting-edge cloud-based data centers match your needs

Secure Connection

Enterprise-grade protection: two layers of 128-bit AES cryptography