Getting started with dIoT thermo™ platform

This article explains how login to the dIoT thermo™ automated monitoring platform. 

Login to dIoT thermo™ platform

Users can access to dIoT thermo™ platform directly form the dIoT thermo web site.  Tap on Sign In ( 1 ) at the top of the screen.


To login to the platform, use the username and password you received via email. Remember to change the temporary password provided for the first login. The article How to change the password? explains how to change the temporary password. If you have lost your password or can’t access your platform with your password, you can reset your password by clicking Forgot your password? 


The data displayed on the dashboard can vary according to customer configuration. At the top right of the screen is present the Time Range Controls ( 2 ). dIoT thermo platform provides numerous ways to manage the time ranges of the data being visualized. The article How can I change time range? explains how to manage the time ranges of the data being visualized on the dIoT thermo platform.

At the bottom left of the screen is present the User dropdown menù ( 3 ).




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