How can I change time range?

This FAQ explains how to manage the time ranges of the data being visualized on the dIoT thermo™ platform.

Time Range Controls

dIoT thermo platform provides numerous ways to manage the time ranges of the data being visualized. The two controls for time visualization are available in the top right:

  1. Current time range: This shows the current dashboard time. You can click on it to change it.

  2. Refresh interval: This shows the current refresh interval for the current dashboard. You can click on it to change it. This feature is especially useful for always-on displays so that the most recent data is always shown.




Current time range

The Current time range menù ( 1 ) is located on the top right of the dashboard. The data can be displayed by setting up the quick range options or it’s possible to customize the range displayed. For instance, the user can decide to display the last 24 hours data such as the last 30 days or 6 months.



Refresh interval

The Refresh interval menù ( 2 ) is located on the top right side of the dashboard. It’s possible to customize the refresh interval. We suggest to keep the refresh interval 5 seconds.



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