Testing an high velocity air conditioning with digi thermo

High velocity air conditioners (AC) work exactly the same way as a central air conditioner. Because the ducts used in a high-velocity system are so small, they won't require a lot of remodeling to accommodate them and they won't take up a lot of extra space in the home.

According to the website energy.gov,

"In an average air-conditioned home, air conditioning consumes more than 2,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, causing power plants to emit about 3,500 pounds of carbon dioxide and 31 pounds of sulfur dioxide."

Having the most energy-efficient system ever built won't matter much if it's not maintained. Lack of maintenance is the number one killer of air conditioning systems and it can result in:​

  • Poor air conditioning efficiency that affects indoor comfort

  • Refrigerant leaks which can create serious environmental issues and increase global warming

  • Increase energy bill and carbon footprint

Keeping your air conditioning working efficiently can have a huge impact not just on your wallet but also on the environment.

Checking-up air conditioner performance using digi thermo’s smart sensor allows you to prevent failures and be notified you when your AC needs servicing.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

Refrigerant Leaks: Low levels indicate a leak that needs to be found and repaired immediately. Low refrigerant levels can burn out your compressor, resulting in the most costly repair when it comes to AC.

Inadequate Maintenance: If you allow filters and air conditioning coils to become dirty, the air conditioner will not work properly, and the compressor or fans are likely to fail prematurely.

Electric Control Failure: Tighten all electrical connections and measure voltage and current on motors. Faulty electrical connections can cause unsafe operation of your system and reduce the life of major components.

Sensor Problems: Air conditioners feature a thermostat sensor which regulates the amount of cool air that is distributed. Calibrate your thermostats to make sure the AC isn’t working overtime and increasing your energy bill.

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